Brief History    

In the fall of 1987, while at Oklahoma Youth Convention, God dropped into the hearts of two lay persons, Dennis and Debbie Sprouse, a simple idea. Train young people to use their talents in God's ministry to the church. Encourage those teenagers who sought to improve their talent through the Fine Arts program to go the next level using their talent in actual ministry.
After much prayer and some personal questioning, (You know, if this is such a good idea, why is God talking to two inadequate lay people?) Brother Tom Greene, D-CAP for the Oklahoma District was approached with a written proposal.  God arrived ahead of the  proposal, having already spoken to  Bro. Tom' s heart about a very similar idea.  Out of this simple idea,
Praisong was born.

What We Do

Each Summer, Assembly of God teens from all across the state of Oklahoma gather to use their talents for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  These students devote their time, talent, energy and money to touch their world with the strength, hope and encouragement found in a personal relationship with Jesus. They join together in a ministry which uses the various areas of fine arts such as music, drama, human video, mime and poetry.
To have an opportunity to be involved with
Praisong, students must be at least in  the 10th grade.  Each student must submit a completed application with video audition tape.  A recommendation from the youth pastor is also required. For downloads of forms  and other information click to the Application Process button on this site. A selection committee considers the individual's qualifications and extends an invitation to become a team member.  Each individual is then responsible to raise their funds as with any AIM mission trip.

What We Emphasize

Praisong is not for everyone.  Members must be able to withstand a rigorous schedule of training, rehearsals, travel and ministry situations.  The physical, mental and emotional demands are best met by students who are mature and have a servant's heart. The team members are challenged to strive toward excellence but with the clear emphasis that it is only the anointing that changes lives, hence our position, "Excellence with Anointing".

is for anyone who is serious about a hands-on ministry opportunity. Young people are given the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned.  Praisong stresses that "we are servants, we are here to serve and not to be served".

The Missions aspect of Praisong is an eye-opening experience.  Team members are asked to give of themselves both physically and spiritually beyond what they thought possible. It is the opportunity for each young person to go outside their comfort zone.   God is always faithful to return the fruit of such effort in changed lives and new perspective on their own lives!