Program Concepts

Through the years, many of the previous members of Praisong have returned to help.  As time has past, this additional help has become critical to the success of Praisong.  In 2001, we decided, with the encouragement of the Oklahoma Youth Ministries, to begin a formal internship program.  The "C.R.E.W." internship program is based on our desire to help young people to experience leadership roles. 

abubull1  First, we want to develop leaders who can share the fundamental truth of Jesus Christ with an "out of the Box" approach. (God is the Ultimate Creator!) 

abubull1 Second, we believe that our resources are limitless even if the budget is not. (Jesus is our resource manager; remember He fed the 5000 with only two fishes and five loafs -- and it wasn't even His stuff!)

abubull1 Third, we emphasis our desire for quality in ministry but depend on God’s Spirit for the changes. (Excellence with the Holy Spirit's Anointing.)

abubull1 Fourth, we want to establish leaders with the attitude of a servant. (We are servants; we are here to serve and not to be served.) 

abubull1  We believe these concepts are more caught than taught with a “hands on” approach. (Jesus didn’t just say to the disciples “be fishers of men”, He went fishing with them!)